Cameroon – Bernard Marie Mba: SDO was sacked because he disrespected Paul Biya!

Written by Deckson N.

Bernard Marie Mba multiplied indiscretions and blunders, in addition to a very significant error.

Listeners of the 8:00 PM news of CRTV radio, on September 29, 2016, were surprised by the news. They heard a presidential decree signed on the same Thursday that dismisses Bernard Marie Mba from the SDO’s office of the Dja and Lobo, the division of origin of Paul Biya, in the Southern Region.

This decision, while the Head of State has not yet returned to the country after the 71st UN General Assembly sounds like a punishment for the former chief of land. The reasons of that dismissal are discussed in the columns of La Nouvelle Expression (LNE), on newsstands on 30 September 2016.

Bernard Marie Mba indeed multiplied indiscretions  and blunders. LNE says that one of his last outings dates back to 12 September. According to a journalistic source in Sangmelima, the SDO “had a problem with a journalist. He made the journalist arrested by the brigade commander who subsequently asked the reason for his arrest. A reasons that the SDO could not provide. The Commander acquitted the journalist; he grabbed the special commissioner to arrest the same guy; The Commissioner also asked the reason, which he did not produce. He also refused to arrest the journalist.

Furious, the administrative authority would have made a serious statement: “He sat on a chair in front of his services and brayed that since no one respects his orders, he wouldn’t take over the security Staff meeting “says a witness to the scene. The misfortunes of the journalist in question, Medjo NTIE, from FM Radio Colombe, would have started from his revelations on the “bad governance of the SDO.” Something that displeased the now ex-chief of land.

That’s not all, says our colleague. “Bernard Marie Mbah is regularly quoted in pranks and blunders. He is said to have already ordered in vain to officials of Community radio Radio Colombe to stop broadcasting news releases of the CPDM ruling party; during the renewal operations of the organs of Paul Biya’s party, “said the newspaper.

To believe a journalist from the Dja and Lobo, “He has often compared Sangmelima to Garoua. He said, Paul Biya could not build in his hometown since 33 years in power, unlike Ahidjo who built something in Garoua.

In addition, in December 2015, reported the press, the SDO “had already distinguished himself by acts proving that he is a rebel. At a City Council meeting held on 30 December 2015, tired of waiting the SDO for the opening session, the city authorities decided to launch the session. To everyone’s surprise, it was during the time of execution of the national anthem that the SDO arrived and ordered everything to stop.

Too many errors for Bernard Marie Mba who is replaced by David Koulbout Haman, who was until then SDO of the Meme (Southwest).

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