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Cameroon – Prostitution: Tension between Chinese and Cameroonians

Written by Deckson N.

Chinese settled in Cameroon, no longer content themselves to perform only small jobs in the informal sector, for which their presence is often maligned and source tensions.

They are no more found only in the sale of mobile phones.

Increasingly, the Chinese appear and are present in the “oldest profession in the world.” Not in the back streets and in dangerous corners, but in the most “IN” private clubs in the capital

Bastos for example is an upscale neighborhood, home to wealthy Cameroonian and many expatriates and where there are a high concentration of Asian restaurants and private clubs. The Chinese can indulge in private striptease sessions and offer to the highest bidder.

A round this last Saturday night in the old quarter of the capital, revealed the influence of the Chinese industry. One could see Cameroonian prostitutes complain about the attractiveness of these Chinese on “their” more affluent customers. In fact, customers of Bastos prostitutes are deemed easy and good payers.

The echoes of this rivalry between Chinese and Cameroonian prostitutes cross the threshold of anger. Indeed, some openly threaten the Chinese with their passage, “What are you doing here, go home you“, we heard from the mouth of a Cameroonian prostitute to a Chinese passing by of whom we did not know if she was pursuing too the same trade.

Recently, a local private newspaper, echoed the existence of a network of Asian and Italian prostitutes, who landed in midweek at the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport, and walked away completed the weekend.

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