Cameroon – Idriss Carlos: Goalie says he’s “fair play” on the fact that the coach didn’t call him!

Written by Deckson N.

The Olympic champion (2000) said to have “sportingly” accepted his non-selection for the game on 9 October against Algeria in the final qualifying round for the 2018 World Cup.

Coach Hugo Broos has made public on Monday the 23 lions convened in the context of preparations for the meeting of 9 October 2016 against Algeria. If the return was noted of some players, Idriss Carlos Kameni on the contrary was not summoned. Local media were quick to see the attitude of the Belgian coach a sidelining of the goalkeeper, just as the captain Stéphane Mbia Etoundi.

Only that Idriss Carlos Kameni said he has accepted the choice of the coach. “I accept it sportingly. That means goalkeepers who have been summoned are supposed to be the best over me, “he told our colleagues on Wednesday in the daily Le Jour. The atmosphere now appears dark between Broos and Kameni. And the trigger would be the friendly against France last May. Kameni had declined an invitation from Hugo Broos made after the defection of a player.

… You saw what happened in France and from there, there were no more exchange. The only contact I had was that of Alphonse Tchami. Everything was okay. But I realize at the end a lot of obscure things. It is deplorable that in trying to move forward, we end up not having professional attitudes “complains Kameni.

To those who want to believe that Kameni refused to play with the Indomitable Lions, he replies that: “They know what they’re playing. I am Cameroonian. I was born Cameroonian. I will stay Cameroonian. They will come and pass and we will stay with our nation. They should not fool the whole world by making us look like people who do not love their country.

Idriss Carlos Kameni expressed his willingness to return to the den when the coach calls him, and no one will take him to make a decision that is not logical. “I have my nation and the homeland in blood and no one will take me this. As long as I take the pleasure that I can offer what God gave me as a talent to put at the service of my country, I will do it with great pleasure. Nobody will stop me from doing so; except when the Lord decides to stop everything. And as someone said, there is no land title to the national team.

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