Cameroon – Camair-Co: A plane of the airline company seized in South Africa for unpaid bills

Written by Deckson N.

The reason given: a bill of 2 billion CFA F not paid by the national airline.

According to a report extensively on social networks, one Boeing 737-700 leased the Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co) would be subject to seizure in South Africa, reports Le Messager of Wednesday 28 September 2016. And for cause, a slate of 2 billion CFA F unpaid by the national airline. After the release of the news, there was a malaise that gripped employees of Camair-Co.

The newspaper said the plane was under review in South Africa. A top executive of the company in service in Yaounde confirms being aware of this information only through the newspapers. “We do not have this information officially,” said the official, chuckling. However, the caller confirms that the plane actually visited South Africa “for a check up, a routine visit.” Unfortunately, many attempts for the newspaper to have information on the caseĀ  remained fruitless.

Apparently the arrival of a new CEO at the head of the airline in the person of Ernest Dikoum does not (yet) help solve the many problems Camair-Co faced. Let alone the implementation of the proposed reorganization plan and approved by Boeing, which, to date, remains a chimera. And this is not the waltz CEOs (5 of them since 2011) that will solve the structural and strategic problems such as lack of vision or lack of technical and financial resources needed by a company to be competitive, the newspaper said.

Recall that between January 2015 and March 2016, the Government funded the company with 31 billion FCFA.

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