Cameroon – New ID Cards: Reasons why the new ID cards are not yet available!

Written by Deckson N.

Gemalto, the company responsible for the supply and commissioning of the identification system in Cameroon, is caught by the liabilities of the former operator Sacel, and can’t deploy as advertised.

The new partner of the Government in securing identity titles in Cameroon does not want to save the old mistakes left by the previous operator” informs Jean-Claude Ohandza, Senior Police Officer, in the columns of Integration newspaper published Monday, September 26, 2016 .

A National Identity Card (NIC) with computer chip, the name sounds so beautifully that it could be that of a candy. The people who will produce it are currently in training at the Police Academy and therefore when they will be ready, the “new formula” ID cards will be produced. All the delays are due to the desire to evacuate the errors of the Société camerounaise électronique, better known under the label Sacel ” says the Senior Police Officer.

Sacel is out of contract with the Cameroon government since 2015. Gemalto is now the company responsible for the supply and commissioning of the identification system in Cameroon. The paper said that the company is caught by the liabilities of its predecessor Sacel and can’t deploy as advertised. “It has a redesigned mode of delivery of NICs other than the former, outrageously abused by duplication,” it’s said.

However, during a press conference recently held in Yaounde, Dominique Baya, the Secretary General of the General Delegation for National Security (DGSN), was clear: “I assure you, he said then, that if you you register yourself earlier in the week, you can regain possession of your card the week after. ” Only that the reality is different in the field.

I had to get up at 3:00 AM to be among the first people. This earned me a severe flu coupled with a serious violation of my nerve cells, “reports a user, brandishing his receipt from the identification station of the Public Security Office of the 1st district of Yaounde. For the said receipt, he explained he had to wait for long hours.

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