Cameroon – Health: 40% of Cameroonians are victims of cardiovascular disease

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Initiated by Fondation Camerounaise du Cœur, the campaign was held on 22 and 23 September 2016 in Bonanjo in the economic capital. Objective of this activity which falls within the framework of the 11th National Week of the heart is to detect pathologies that are the risk factors of cardiovascular disease and limit these risks.

La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) published on Sept. 23 revealed that, “according to the observation made by the experts, the rate of cardiovascular disease in the Cameroonian society is growing. We talk about almost 40% of the population affected by hypertension, major stroke risk factor.

In this rather high percentage, thousands of people are unaware of being affected by cardiovascular disease. Some are often discovered during a routine consultation. “This because of the warning signs of this rare disease sometimes,” says our colleague who relies on explanations of a doctor. This is Dr. Lemougoum, this doctor practicing in Belgium and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Douala, who initiated this screening campaign.

According to Ngoumou Francis, Executive Director of the Fondation Camerounaise du Cœur, “the finding has been assumed that there is a sudden death explosion in Cameroon due to the change of people’s lifestyles. As the treatment of these diseases is expensive for the average Cameroonian, we decided to act on prevention, ” he said, before adding:” It is the aim of the week of the heart which had as main aim the screening for risk factors.

The people screened are counseled to maintain the heart. “Maintaining a heart is eating healthy, that is to say, eat less salt, less fat and one must be in regular physical activity of at least 30 minutes, three days a week. Whether one is hypertensive, obese and diabetes, in short know all these CVD risk factors to talk better, “advises Dr. Pierre Amta.

After the city of Douala, Ebolowa, Yaounde, Bafoussam, etc., will also benefit from this campaign.

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