Cameroon – East: CAR shepherds at loggerheads with Cameroonians in the Eastern Region

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According to sources, these nomads flood the savannah with their herds.

The information is relayed by the daily Le Jour number 2272. Things are falling apart between the Cameroonian population living east of the country, in the border areas with the Central African Republic, and the shepherds from the neighboring country. At the root of the disagreement, the fact that the Central African shepherds have inherited areas inhabited by Cameroonians. This is precisely the localities of Ouli, Lolo, Mbile, Kentzou, Timangolo to name a few. They are all located in the of Kadey Division.

The daily Le Jour wrote that “on August 30, 2016, they were 67 farmers who have crossed the border with their animals. The herds ranging in size between 25 and 60 heads are scattered across the savannah and caused enormous damage in plantations of local residents.

Abah Levi, the Mayor of Ouli, says that “they came in large numbers with the cattle. They settled in the savannah in search of grass for the animals all day” To this, the municipal magistrate added that “it is in this quest for grass for the animals that they destroy the crops of the people.”

However, the newspaper notes that the presence of these Central African shepherds “are beyond the control of veterinarians and collectors of taxes to the City.” While these are still sporadic appearances in periodic markets to sell their animals. “They are difficult to control. For security reasons, we can not risk sending our collection agents in the savannah, because these people are dangerous, “says the Mayor.

“They say they do not want to settle in Ouli because of the proximity to their home countries, but many of them took the direction of Adamawa,” added the Mayor. It must be said that this presence which creates massive panic amongĀ  Cameroonian residents has caused some to desert some places and abandon their plantations.

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