Cameroon – Adamawa: The Governor ordered the temporary suspension of the MTN network in the Martap subdivision!

Written by Deckson N.

This decision of the number of that region follows the multiple cases of hostage taking in the locality. It took effect from 1 September.

The Martap populations in the Vina division, Adamawa Region, no longer have MTN network since 1 September. According to the Daily Emergence number 833, this is an order of Kildadi Boukar, the Governor of that region, instructing the temporary suspension of this network. The reasons that led the taking of this decision is the fact that this subdivision of Cameroon has been experiencing kidnappings. The daily reports that to believe Kildadi Boukar, the kidnappers and their internal accomplices use phones to put pressure on farmers and parents to finally get large ransoms.

We have sought the help of this company for the Martap subdivision to be disconnected. MTN spontaneously responded positively to our request. I want to thank the CEO of MTN for his rapid response to our request. This is to fight against banditry and hostage phenomenon, “said the Governor of the Region.

 Sources indicate that, very soon, other telephone networks will also be disconnected. It is information gotten from the authorities.

However, says the newspaper, people do not see the act of the Governor with a good eye. They think that MTN had to use the identification process initiated by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL) to trace the calls of the kidnappers.

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