Cameroon – Christian Tumi: Cardinal says Cameroonians do not have that courage to start a revolution!

Written by Deckson N.

The retired prelate gave a long interview to the Germinal newspaper. He thinks that Cameroonians are not brave enough to make a revolution.

At 86, Cardinal Christian Tumi has not changed. His positions on the management of Cameroon remain the same. The former archbishop of Douala, now retired spread them in the columns of the Germinal newspaper (No. 092). Also in the interview published on the website www.germinalnewspaper.com, the Cardinal addresses issues related to the role of the Church in the political sphere, the theme of federalism, democracy, or alternation. Selected pieces are below.

On the evolution of the Catholic Church in Cameroon over the last 50 years

“The Church that is in Cameroon works for the good and peace, despite the difficulties encountered and humans littering its path. We must never forget that the Church is also human. But the attitudes of priests who preach to the faithful are often inadequate. It is thanks to God that the Church is changing, and not because of our virtues. Jesus did say that he will be with his Church until the end of time. Whatever the difficulties within the Church, Jesus told us in the Gospel of Saint John that: “Do not be afraid! I have overcome the world and its challenges.”

On Federalism

“I personally think that we should move towards federalism, with several states. This is also the view of many Cameroonians. We may change our constitution and erect the 10 regions in Cameroon in 10 federal states. It will be difficult for us to avoid going towards federalism. Have 10 federated states does not mean that Cameroon will not be a united country. The United States has 52 federal states in Nigeria are fifty with elected governors. Whenever we raised the issue of federalism in Cameroon, one is immediately accused of trying to divide the country. This is not true ..

Federalism presupposes a central authority. When you are in Nigeria for example, you realize that federalism was a factor of development, and you can tell the difference between the development of federal states and one driven by the central authority of the federal government. While home Governors of regions are appointed and do not derive their power from base. Things are clear. We do not need to have made political science to understand. “

On the political change

“Actually, the solution seems to be to consider a transition period of three years, with the condition that the head of state elected by the transition, does not show up in the presidential election at the end of his term. During this period the strong democratic institutions will be in place before the organization of free, transparent and fair elections in which each candidate or each political party will present his political philosophy or his project company to Cameroonians who will to chose a President of the Republic legitimately and democratically elected. As was done in Burkina Faso and the Central African Republic. “

The impossible revolution in Cameroon

Cameroonians do not have that courage. If Cameroonians were revolutionaries, it has long been known that we would have social movements or claims of a certain scale. I met some African observers who said that if the situations we live was occurring in their country, they would have entered into civil war and that in Cameroon, it is as if everything was fine.

By the way I have to tell you that I am writing a book on the natural moral, human morality. God gave us the law that governs us from our hearts and that is lacking in other creatures. “Do good, avoid evil”, that is the lesson we should give children so that they incorporate it into their way of being, for their good and the good of the country.

For those who have the power, they know they will give account to God, because they govern the people created by God.
For Cameroon, the head of state knows he will report his governance before God. For example, God will aske him, ‘how have you ruled Cameroonians that I entrusted to you?’ ‘.

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