Cameroon – Tollgates: The ticket price could rise from 500 to 2500 FCFA

Written by Deckson N.

The concession process to private operators of toll gates is underway. According to simulations by the bidders, the 500 FCFA currently practiced does not make it profitable.

The fare of ticket at different tollgates could rise fivefold. The issue of revision of prices of road toll ticket, currently 500 FCFA and which could rise to at least 2500 FCFA, is currently in review at the Ministry of Public Works.

According to information relayed by the Economie newspaper of 13 September 2016, reading the business deals for the partial concession of the management of tollgates, “the toll ticket will rise to at least fivefold. That is from 500 FCFA to 2,500 FCFA. According to simulations by the bidders, the currently practiced 500 FCFA does not make it a profitable toll.

It is in mid-June 2016, that the Ministry of Public Works issued a notice to the international public calling for expressions of interest for the selection of companies or groups of companies to support the Government of Cameroon for financing, design, construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of 14 automatic tolls on some asphalt roads of its road network.

On August 11, the government closed the receipt of tender bids. The examination of these offers can place the last pieces of the puzzle, which is the project of the state concerning 14 tollgates. This concerned first the designation as part of a partial concession, a company to help make the automation of tolls, that is to say, a partner who will find the expertise and funding for the construction of tollgates in line with international standards, “the paper said.

It must be said that to date, the 45 toll stations in Cameroon have a manual and archaic operating with vouchers hand cut by personnel subject to all the elements and all the temptations. The automation project of tolls only concerns 14 most profitable stations, located in the triangle Yaounde-Douala-Bafoussam-Yaounde.

According to the newspaper, if it were to be adopted, this measure would result in a cascade of inflation in food prices, through the fare. Something that keeps the tongues of transporters and travelers wagging.

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