Cameroon – Samuel Nlend: It’s official, Union de Douala will sue Al Ittihad of Egypt

Written by Deckson N.

The leader of Union Sportive de Douala appeared before the press this Friday morning at the club’s headquarters in Douala. With a firm tone, Franck Happi said to the million of football fans that the club will counter attack by filing a complaint, and prove to the whole world that the Egyptian Al Ittihad with which Samuel Nlend signed a three-year contract, behaved very wrongly.

The player was absent from the conference same as the coach Diallo Siewe who according to President Happi represented the interests of the club at that contract. So all related matters in this case was addressed in a spirit of conviviality. The Egyptian party that unilaterally broke the contract, on the amount of around $ 40,000 will have to explain to the FIFA. Union has no desire to drop a case in which the consequences can be unfortunate in both the player and the team of Douala, said Mr. Happi.

From Friday we will take this case higher to the justice. We will seize the FIFA, and we’ll see if the Egyptians were right to act like “thugs”. I remind you that Samuel Nlend signed a contract in good standing of three years with the Egyptian club Al Ittihad. And that I know, FIFA is formal regarding special provisions relating to contracts between professionals and clubs in article 18, paragraph 4. The validity of a contract may depend on the positive outcome of a medical examination or the granting of a work permit.

According to the words of the boss of Union de Douala, it is certain that the Egyptian club has attracted big trouble on itself. For Union, the breach of contract “without a just cause” is enough to sue Al Ittihad.

As prove, Franck Happi said that he was never notified of this act up to date.

Al Ittihad never called me or said anything since. So, you think we’re going to sit idly? No, we have all the evidence, contract, memorandum of understanding, photos, etc. The reasons they evoked the HIV status of the player do not engage Union. Even if they prove to be true or false, the problem lies elsewhere, and we will prove in due time “indicates the Happi.

Mr. Happi, not without greeting the professionalism, objectivity and sense of ethics of the local Cameroonian press, informs that despite all these noises, the player is doing well, even though he is being followed by a psychological expert since this “affair” was born.

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