Cameroon – ELECAM: Elections Cameroon announced 6.3 million registered voters

Written by Deckson N.

The announcement was made on 1 September 2016 by Abdoulaye Babale, the Director General of Elections in ELECAM.

The operation of the registrations on the electoral lists for the year 2016, which started on 1 January, was completed on 31 August. It marked the fourth year of the launch of biometrics in Cameroon. On this occasion, the DG of elections in Election Cameroon (ELECAM) gave an update to reporters on Thursday in Yaounde.

Abdoulaye Babale announced that in four years, 6,316,836 people have been registered as voters. For the sole year of 2016, 510,362 voters registered. It counts 306,755 men, 203,607 women and 367,435 young people. These figures are up more than 288,728 voters compared to 2015.

La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) on newsstands September 2, 2016 emphasizes that “it is remembered that the operation launched in 2012 allowed at the end of 2013, the registration of 5,437,870 voters. A figure whose evolution did not pass the one million bar over the next three years. Indeed, in 2014 only 159,171 people registered on the electoral lists.

According to the DG for the elections, the average performance recorded in 2004 and 2015 are due to the system then in place. The situation has changed due to new measures enacted. In addition to the increase in human and financial resources is the result of efforts to “more encouragement of active employees within the territorial divisions by empowering more in each hierarchy level and establishing a more objective system with fairer evaluation and assessment of the results obtained by each worker, “praised Mr. Babale.

An indicator of the performance increased the percentage of voting cards distribution for the current year. “How not to mention further the excellent performance recorded by the voting cards distribution operation? Indeed, 402,732 voter cards were distributed, representing 84% of the number of people registered during this year “, he added.

Moreover, says the newspaper, Abdoulaye Babale detailed the agenda of the electoral body for the coming months. “It is particularly expected from 20 October to 10 November 2016, audits and changes on the cards by voters. Abdoulaye Babale however, said that only relevant changes could be introduced by the voters registered on the electoral lists.

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