Cameroon – Nana Sandjo: Former MD of Camair-Co tried to leave the country with an American passport, and using his wife’s name for flight booking.

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Moreover, the booking made on the flight of Royal Air Morocco by the former MD of Camair-Co was originally in the name of his wife before being revealed at the last minute, the identity of the true traveler .

As announced in a previous article, Jean Paul Nana Sandjo, former MD of Camair-Co, was intercepted on August 31 in the Douala airport while trying to leave the country. Since his arrest, revelations about his situation continue to feed the media in Cameroon. Fearing legal proceedings against him in connection with tracking down corrupt officials of public funds, the latter tried to board a Royal Air Morocco flight to get to New York in the United States with an American passport.

According to the magazine Investir au Cameroun that reveals that information, “the Cameroonian passport of the former MD of Camair-Co was withdrawn by the police, and his description sent to the country’s airports for inclusion on the blacklist of personalities forbidden to leave the Cameroonian territory until further notice.

Feeling the legal noose tighten against him, he tried to play one last card to escape the Cameroonian justice as several clutches of the regime have done in the past. Jean Paul Nana Sandjo had an idea, which was to get out of Cameroon with a foreign nationality. “The reservation made on the Royal Air Morocco flight by the former MD of the Camair-Co was first in the name of his wife, before being revealed at the last minute, the identity of the true traveler . After his discharge from the airport and a hearing in the judicial police, the former MD of Camair-Co was able to join his family, “says Investir au Cameroun.

For now, no legal action was taken against Jean Paul Nana Sandjo. L’œil du Sahel in its edition of September 1 indicates that a state Higher State Control Mission is in the national airline. Among the issues that could bring down Nana Sandjo are, “aircraft leasing contracts, engines and other spare parts, passed exorbitant costs with foreign providers, whose legal representative in Cameroon, was sometimes the former MD of Camair-Co himself, and whose activity Brooker (spare parts supplier of aircraft) is well known in the country, “we learn.

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