Cameroon – Mora: A Cameroonian shepherd escapes Boko Haram’s captivity after 2 years of detention

Written by Deckson N.

Alhaji Fugue was arrested by members of the Vigilante Committee on August 24, 2016.

Alhaji Fougoue is since some days now in custody at the gendarmerie of Mora. This shepherd was arrested August 24, 2016 by elements of the Tolkomari vigilante committee according to information from L’Œil du Sahel on newsstands.

According to the president of that Vigilante Committee, speaking to L’Oeil du Sahel that appeared on August 29, 2016,

he (Alhaji Fougoue, Ed) was seen at the home of his father and the information was immediately relayed to us. The informant made us understand that he had been with the terrorists of Boko Haram for two years. Immediately, we deported to his father’s home located at the military camp area for more inquiry. We had him detained and have asked him for answers. He told us his life alongside Boko Haram. After that, we drove to the military camp and then to the 42nd BIM in Mora.

The person has confessed to join Boko Haram.

They caught me while grazing animals in the bush of Kotcharahe in 2014. I was only 14 and I had to embrace the shepherd profession. They forced me to follow them. They took me to their base in Nigeria and locked me up for 4 months. It’s on the fifth month they led me to take care of their animals. Initially, they were watching me closely, but after some time, they learned to trust me. I was a little freer. The last days of my stay with them, I was weighing animals in the Tchare bush from which I fled. Leaving them, I never knew exactly where I was going, I just had to run away. Thus I found myself in Kolofata. I spent nine days before coming here to Tolkomari, “said Alhaji Fougoue.

An investigation was opened at the gendarmerie of Mora.

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