Cameroon – Far North: A Gendarmerie captain napped and sacked for organizing robberies!

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Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam, commander of the gendarmerie of the Mayo Tsanaga was relieved of his duties at night on 24 August. He is suspected of masterminding serial robberies committed in the Mokolo subdivision in particular.

The daily Le Jour of August 26 reported that elements sent on mission by instructions from “high command” heckled Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam. “Shortly before 8:00 PM, two policemen arrived in his home and asked him to take his bag. He came home and he came out with a backpack he entered the car of visitors who brought him (…) he was immediately replaced by the captain of the squadron group (Captain Ako) ” one can read. According to the tabloid, Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam is currently held in the central prison in Maroua, Chief town of the Far North Region.

“A member of the city Vigilante Committee had stated that during a robbery, he recognized a policeman. Surprised, the gendarme hesitated to shot on the nightwatchman. That was when the nightwatchman who knows very well Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam heard his voice giving order to his subordinate: “kill him, shoot him,” says the newspaper. The guard who was able to run away narrated the events. His comments have been added to the many complaints of populations and the denunciations made by the press.

Following this, an investigation was sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic, directed by the Commander of the Legion of the Far North of Gendarmerie, Colonel Dambouka. Thus the hand was placed on Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam. According to the newspaper, more arrests should take place in the hours that followed the arrest of the commander.

One is certainly moving towards the end of robberies in the Mayo Tsanaga division, one of the three divisions that make up the Far North Region plagued with Boko Haram. According to security sources, 36 robberies were perpetrated in this division since September 2015. Traders of Mokolo were the main targets.

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