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Cameroon – Far North: A 26-year old Traditional ruler mysteriously stabbed to death!

Written by Deckson N.

Found lying in a pool of blood, Himara Hamandjoda, the Chief of Woudata, died on 17 August.

The incident occurred in the Masgaya village, Bardougui neighborhood located 12 km south of the town of Yagoua. The named Guy Tchanso, co-founder of this neighborhood, died Tuesday, August 16 at night from sickess. The young Hinmara Hamandjoda, a 3rd degree chief of the Woudata village, on the throne since 16 January 2016, visited the place during the day to sympathize with his neighbors. He lives in the Koudoufou neighborhood, located about two kilometers from the place of mourning. The funeral ended in the afternoon of 17 August, he took his leave from the premises and returned in the evening for the wake keeping. At around 8:00 pm, he was found lying in his blood, not far from the grave, stabbed on the right thigh.

Near the pool of blood, populations found his own knife he wore on his hip in the day. The attempt to take him to the health center of Masgaya was not successful since he drained his blood and died. People went back to the health center to try to understand what happened. Nothing plausible helps the people of this area to understand the facts. In the same night, the Koudoufou residents, assisted by their cousins from the Rouane village in the Wina subdivision, led a punitive expedition to the Bardougui village and took by force 82 cattle belonging to several breeders.

The Cattle were led to Rouane where Benjamin Ako, the D.O of the Wina subdivision dispatched the brigade commander and the district chief. On the 18th of August, after the funeral of the village chief, the Koudoufou population armed with sticks and sound of cornet, led another punitive expedition to the scene of mourning in Bardougui, looting the concessions of the late Guy Tchanso and his little brother Bawa Farré. Early in the morning of August 18, the D.O of Yagoua, Oumar Bichaïr went to the scene same as the elements of the Yagoua gendarmerie brigade led by the brigade commander, Chief Warrant Officer Omarou. Aged 26, the young 3rd degree traditional ruler  died under the most mysterious circumstances.

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