Cameroon – Paul Biya: The cost to rent the presidential aircraft for travel of the president is huge!

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According to the mercurial generally shared in the field, it is 120,000 euros (78 million CFA francs) per day of immobilization of the plane.

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya left Yaounde on Wednesday for a “short stay” in Europe. As he is customary for several years, it is aboard a hired plane that the Head of State and his retinue returned to the old continent. In its edition of 25 August 2016, Mutations reveals that the lease transaction of the VIP aircraft for this type of use costs a fortune to the Cameroonian taxpayer, and this for years.

The newspaper lists some examples that allow us to get an idea of “the induced financial bleeding.” And Paul Biya seems to be the atoning victim of a pernicious system in the subregion where his counterparts prefer to buy a dedicated traveling aircraft.

To address this paradox, the State of Cameroon has thus relieved of some FCFA 399.750 million in October 2010, and 48,750 million CFA two years later, a package of 9,750 million FCFA in October 2012 , 468 million FCFA a few weeks later. That is a whopping 1.846 billion FCFA for six aircraft assets. And here are only a few cases in point reflecting only the true extent of the problem, ” one can read from the newspaper.

Mutations reveals that to justify the exorbitant costs charged, charterers argue that “presidential” VIP airplanes  require special arrangements.

In the case of Cameroon’s President, who is likes Airbus, but especially the Boeing 777-200, 767-200 and 757-200, which are among the largest commercial aircraft in the world, special facilities include a main bedroom, suite bathroom, a presidential office, a dining/meeting room, seats in business class (50 to 60 seats), a communications center, a rest area for the crew as well as ice cream. Here luxury and prestige are proportional to the social rank of the main passenger who should suffer no annoyance, “we learn.

If we add the cost of leasing of aircraft subsistence costs of the presidential delegation at the Hotel Continental presented as customary destination of Paul Biya during his private visits to Europe, the expenditure amounts for each presidential trip would give a dizzy to ordinary Cameroonians.

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