Cameroon – Mora: A prince napped for being an accomplice to Boko Haram members

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Boucar Youssoupha was arrested following the recent attack that hit the headquarter of Mayo-Sava division in the Far North.

The suicide attack occurred on August 21, 2016 in Mora and left four dead and 26 wounded. This terrorist attack would have had internal complicity, reports L’Oeil du Sahel of 25 August 2016. The newspaper informs that Boukar Youssoufa was arrested on the night of August 21 to 22 by the elements of the gendarmerie in the town.

Better known under the name of Yerima Abba Youssoufa, this member of the family of the Sultanate of Mora, first degree chiefdom, is still in detention at the gendarmerie brigade of Mora. “The prince is suspected of complicity with the terrorists of Boko Haram, he would’ve help them to enter or transit through Mora to several other localities. Reportedly, he was arrested along with several members of Boko Haram of whom he wanted to facilitate entry into the city of Mora and give them shelter.

An administrative source of Mora says:

On the eve of the attack in Mora, Boukar Youssoufa happened to meet me to tell me he wanted to do surveillance that night. His unusual attitude caught my attention especially as I did not understand what he really wanted. In addition, he asked me to help a man who wanted to go to Mubi in Nigeria, to  establish him a pass. The next day the attack occurred. On the basis of this and other information, he was arrested.

The exploitation of Boukar Youssoufa has already led to the arrest of several people, including women. According to a family member,

we were told that he is an accomplice of Boko Haram. He helps to make traffic between Banki, Kolofata, Kourgui, Mubi, Mora, and even Maroua. His strategy is to facilitate the entry of these people in these localities. We were told that he was going¬†personally to Kolofata, Banki and other villages to bargain passes for his accomplices to reach Kourgui. From Kourgui, he carried them himself on the bike for the nightly destination to Mora. By day, his accomplices disappear. We are outraged by his behavior. No one in our family will support him. Let him be applied the penalty he deserves. He switched to the camp of the enemy because of money, because he loves money. “

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