Cameroon – Bamenda: [photos] 3 months later, see how far the Omnisports Stadium construction has gone!

Written by Deckson N.

Nearly three months after our last visit to Bamenda, we’ve returned to see the progress of the future Omnisports stadium. We expected to see the foundations and walls of buildings already mounted, the structure of the completed stadium. The reality was quite different since the pickaxes and shovels continue their relentless movement back and forth, activated by a dozen workers only.

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The entrance to the stadium is highly secure. We are taught that it was almost impossible for us to access. The guard was formal. He not only rejected our request, because “the instructions are clear. No one apart from workers and the bosses have access. It’s not worth the stress. Until the end of the work, it’ll be like that . Even at night“.

We were obliged to appeal to our plan B for a visual work. Workers with their traditional tools, shovels, pickaxes, and other rudimentary materials are at work. They search, dig, this time in order to establish a platform that will help set the foundation.



Nearby, one can see concrete blocks, water drums, iron rods, and other tools and building materials. Everything is done by force of arms, and still no heavy machinery and other equipment likely to quickly advance the construction work started several months ago.



According to some workers found on ground, the Prime Potomac company said to continue like this for the first phase, and it is only in the middle of the work that will appear big gear and others engines. Our attempts to contact the regional representative were unsuccessful as we were informed that he has no right to inform on the progress of the stadium work.

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