Cameroon – Paul Biya: President heading to Europe for another “Private Stay”?

Written by Deckson N.

According to Le Messager of Monday, August 22, 2016, the Head of State of Cameroon will soon fly to Europe for a period of two to three weeks, unless last minute changes.

The information has been circulating over a week now in Yaounde. The Head of State is preparing for “a short private stay in Europe,” except last hour shift. So it seems as if, the preparations for the trip were finalized last Friday, the newspaper said. Regarding the precise destination of the President of the Republic, no information has been filtered on the subject. Apparently, it would be classified “defense secret“.

However, some activists have noted in recent years that Paul Biya is used to the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva. As a reminder, this is the third displacement of this type for the head of state in this year. The previous two were held respectively in February and May 2016. The head of state had then made almost a month out of the country. If nothing is revealed about the purpose of this “displacement“, it nevertheless remains that after the return from the previous one he did, the president made several changes in the Government.

Since his return on June 25, Paul Biya has driven the adoption of the Penal Code in the Parliament by introducing the amendment on the immunity of ministers. Following this, he appointed a new managing director of the Cameroon Radio Televison (CRTV), appointed the members of the Board of the Port of Kribi and the National Football Academy, not without forgetting to appoint his nephew as Bank deputy governor of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC). He also brought into force the economic partnership agreements (EPAs).

With this “departure”, the Head of State would leave Cameroon with several issues on the table, including the appointment of officers in some vacant posts of some ….

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