Cameroon – Far North: Vigilante Committees don’t obey the military at the front anymore!

Written by Deckson N.

The members of the vigilante committees (VC) who are active in their communities in the fight against terrorism makes less and less accountability to soldiers who were their masters.

Right now the relationship between the VCs and the military engaged in front is not rosy, according to the newspaper Le Jour of August 22, 2016. It must be said that before, these soldiers were some sort of masters to the members of the vigilante committees. Today it is found that they no longer receive reports from those who were under them. A military met by Le Jour states that “vigilante committees are totally outside our control. They are supervised by the D.Os who assign them missions such as escorting refugees or even to police in the villages.

In fact, we must remember that the success of military operations “Arrow” and “Blue pipe” in Nigerian territory led to the redistribution of roles. The newspaper said the military expected them to be compensated by forces of first and second category in maintaining public order. That is to say, the police and the gendarmerie. This responsibility was instead assigned to vigilante committees by administrative authorities. “We want weapons of assault rifles with our bows and arrows and our homemade guns at once,” demanded the members of vigilante committees found emboldened.

The military has noticed that the vigilante committees involve today have evolved into self defense force. They lead their own operations and often keep the information they get for themselves, and they decide to either give it or not to the military. “They went out of their monitoring mission which is to look, listen and report the information collected to the competent forces” regrets the administrator.

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