Cameroon – Boko Haram: Terrorists slaughter a Nigerian national and kills a vigilante committee member!

Cameroonian Army
Written by Deckson N.

Terrorists raided in the night of Wednesday to Thursday and slaughtered a Nigerian national, killed a member of the vigilante committee and looted homes.

Ba Moussa, half slain, struggled with death to the Mora hospital yesterday. The Nigerian national who arrived in the town of Kolofata was obviously the main target of the attackers who raided on Wednesday and Thursday night. According to military sources, it was around midnight that the presumed members of Boko Haram arrived in central Kolofata. A dozens and armed, they first directed themselves to the house occupied by Ba Moussa. They seemed to have spotted the house of the man who had arrived two years earlier from the Nigerian town of Ngorfe. They would have asked him to show them the shop of a certain Jérémie. He allegedly told them he did not know. They slaughtered according to the punitive ritual that jihadists reserve for those they consider traitors to their cause. Ba Moussa was found half dead lying in his blood.

Despite this crime, the terrorists continued their bloody expedition. They also shot Alphonse Gazawa. They allegedly kidnapped the member of the local vigilante committee. The unfortunate man had the imprudence to leave the house located in the neighborhood of the chiefdom. Perhaps he had heard the noise. The attackers seized and led with them at the exit of the city where they killed him with a rifle bullet. Shortly before the murder, a repressive campaign of the sect lingered in ten homes in the neighborhood chiefdom of Kolofata.

The terrorists brutally awakened the sleeping inhabitants. They demanded that women bring all their money. They did not exercise any violence and left with the money. The fact is not trivial. These women were the main leaders of an underground market that the notables of the town had dispersed the day after the feast of Ramadan.

This market has become the latest trend in the Far North region. The people come from the four corners buy ther at very “good prices“. Some notables had established that these “goods” were in fact part of the booty from the looting of Boko Haram in Nigeria. A week after the dispersion of that market, the D.O of Kolofata had requested the law enforcement forces to station in the neighborhood of the chiefdom.

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