Cameroon – Music: List of Cameroonian videos with over 1 million YouTube views!

The Cameroon music industry is on the rise, and there’s no doubt about it. Video editors and directors are also everywhere. That time when only February 16th was the boss is now history. Almost all Cameroonian music videos are now up to standard (or HD as we always say). To also facilitate this movement, we can note the availability of the 3G and 4G networks in Cameroon that now helps many people stream videos online with ease.

Despite the so many artists in the industry, only a few of them have managed to reach the 1 million views on YouTube, which can be considered as an achievement online. So who are these artists booming on YoutTube? Well, you will be surprised. Let’s start.

16. Maahlox – Tuer pour tuer 1,092,517 YouTube views on the 19/08/2016

After his single Ca sort come ca sort, the rapper released this song and the video was just waohh!

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  • lordkev

    Hi the moderator, you’ve written yours that true,but always remember that pornographic pays more than church songs and decide songs, what is the message behind la sauce, coller la petite, tuer pour tuer until you explain to me then your following your classification i think Charlotte Dipanda, X malaya should be leading not those immoral songs you put first.

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