Cameroon – Mimboman: Man stabs and kills his aunt 34 times.

Written by Deckson N.

The reconstruction of the facts of the murder of two sexagenarians last July in the neighborhood of Yaounde took place on Wednesday.

On the night of July 30 to 31, 2016, at about 8:30 PM, the sisters Lucie and Blandine Chatap respectively aged 67 and 61 years had been coldly murdered in their home in the Mimboman neighborhood at a place called “Sté Cécil” in Yaounde. An investigation at the Regional Division of the Judicial Police for Centre (RDJP) under the supervision of the head of this unit, Aimé Raymond Evina, permitted them to get their hands on the named Boris Demoko, cousin of the deceased and several other people.

The reconstruction of the facts of this new drama which moved more than one person took place Wednesday, August 17, 2016 under the leadership of the RDJP elements. “It appears that the day of the tragedy, Boris and his accomplice Demoko Tsoungui Henri Richard, all convicts, arrived in the house. Upon arrival broke a dispute between Boris and Demoko Chatap. The sexagenarian was physically assaulted and killed with a kitchen knife, “said Cameroon Tribune that relates the facts in its edition of Thursday, August 18, 2016.

To end the days of the old lady, the suspects confess to have stabbed 34 times on all parts of her body, we learn. Lucie Chatap who came to inquire about the reasons for the cries of her sister suffered the same fate. Cameroon Tribune indicates that the incident occurred in the presence of the progenitor of the woman, Emile Chatap, 89, visually impaired, who has been spared with this handicap confessed Boris Demoko.

After this crime, the two men robbed the home, and carrying a large sum of money, and some property, including televisions, cosmetics and others. It is also learned that the police were alerted by Emile Chatap, “who crawled all night despite joint pain to approach the desk phone and call the police.

A hunt launched by the RDJP led to the arrest of the suspected killers in the night of 10 to 11 August 2016. They now ponder their fates in the central prison of Kodendgui.

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