Cameroon – Maroua: The rent of the University of Maroua costs 358 million CFA francs per year

Written by Deckson N.

The young university is considering the relocation of its HTTC to its new site before the 2016/2017 academic year.

A little more than 2.5 billion CFA francs. This is the amount paid by the State of Cameroon for the payment of the rent of the University of Maroua (UMA), established on 9 August 2008. In its issue of 18 August 2016, L’Oeil du Sahel reveals that the rent of this young State University is 358 million FCFA per year, a little less than 30 million monthly.

With this money, the newspaper notes, “just for the Collège de l’Espoir campus where are grouped the majority of rooms over the faculties, the university pay 100 million CFA francs to Issa Balarabé , owner of these buildings. ” An amount many see as exorbitant and that even slows down the operations of the UMA.

Many times announced and postponed, the relocation of the Maroua HTTC (ENS) at the new site in Kongola should take place before the next academic year. An official of the institution believes that “if the school settles on its own site in Kongola, our rental charges will be reduced. Thus, the university can breathe a little realizing other projects.

Reassuring news was given by the rector on August 5 at the 15th session of the Board of AMU. “According to the Rector, Prof. Edward Oben Ako, work is almost complete. And one thing is certain, ENS Maroua will regain its site before the next academic year. To anticipate this program, the Director of the ENS, Pr Saibou Issa, sent a note to his staff in which he asks them to prepare for the move, as he says, the site of Kongola will be delivered later September 30, 2016, “.

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