Cameroon – Batchenga: A policeman in trouble for severely beating a woman over a land dispute!

Written by Deckson N.

The case took place in the Batchenga village last Tuesday.

This is a case that has shocked the people of Batchenga (Centre) and generated a lot of emotion and anger on social media. The first grade police inspector Bidjanga Zogo Athanasius, in service to the public security police station of Batchenga on the National Highway No 2, is currently on trial. And this, to have beaten almost to death a lady in her sixties, we read in Le Messager of Friday, August 12, 2016.

At the root of this disturbing case, a land dispute. Indeed, the police inspector bought a piece of land around the resort area. The said land is adjacent to that of the lady who is a native of Batchenga. Witnesses report that the policeman allegedly used in bad faith his title to decide to expand his land beyond the limits assigned to him by the seller. With this, he found himself in the land of his neighbor. Having noticed this, the ladywent towards her neighbor to get his attention.

But the case took a dramatic turn when, last Tuesday, she decided to go check again the limits of her land. To her surprise, she found the workers at the scene. After she noted that they are in her land, the alerted police inspector arrived. With his function, and also the fact that he was younger than his victim, he gave her some beatings. According to witnesses, the woman had many injuries, the newspaper said.

This story brings back the issues with the multiple abuses from uniform people suffered by populations. However, new developments are expected in the coming days.

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  • government should show her strength in this case and justice should not be to the interest of the stronger party

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