Cameroon – Ebolowa: Triplets stranded in a hospital in Ebolowa

Written by Deckson N.

Due to lack of financial resources, the three newborns and their parents remain interned in the clinic.

It is the daily Mutations edition of August 11, 2016, which relays the information. In the town of Ebolowa, South Region, at the Lyna Health hospital, three children born in difficult circumstances, and their progenitors remain interned there. The cause: the parents are unable to pay their medical expenses. The newspaper reports that faced with this situation that which is already on everyone’s lips in town, Charles Ndo Essa’a, the Director of this hospital rather clearified that the presence of the family is not related to the medical fees issue, but rather a question of health. “They are under observation in a VIP room. We expect that the mother recovers fully before releasing them, “he said.

However, reports Mutations after the investigations made, it shows firstly that “the cost of management of Jeannette Tona who delivered by caesarean section were entirely taken care of by the hospital management. The departure of the family would in all likelihood be conditional on payment of the fees whose amount was not disclosed.

However, the newspaper said, this situation does not bother the family still reeling from the emotion aroused by this new birth. Even if the father is now divided between joy and responsibility. “It is God who gives. I thank the Director of Lyna Health for his magnanimity. It is thanks to his generosity that my babies are alive, “he said.

It’s is last Saturday that the mother arrived the hospital in critical condition. Yet her pregnancy was not yet at term. With the limited resources of her husband, it took the help of the good will of people found within the hospital staff for this woman to receive the necessary care, reveals mutations.

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