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Cameroon – Buea: Woman steals another woman’s baby in John Chi’s church, but was caught!

Written by Deckson N.

The named Melanie was caught red handed when she was about to run away with a child entrusted to her by a church member.

There’s been lots of noise in the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry, located in the Bokwango neighborhood in Buea on August 7, 2016. It was not only the sound of praise to the Lord that was heard. There was also the desolate cries of a mother who had just discovered the loss of her child, not excluding those from the Christians gathered to around Melanie, presented as a baby snatcher.

“The said Melanie misled the vigilance for a few minutes and was able to leave the enclosure of the church with a two month old baby who had been entrusted to her by a breastfeeding mother because she had to go to the toilet. Upon her return, Melanie to whom the child was entrusted, was nowhere t be found. The mother of the said baby launched a cry and the whole community mobilized to search for the lost child. At that time, Melanie was looking for her way out of the church compound, but was caught as she tried to take a car that would take her to Limbe where her partners in this dreadful case were eagerly waiting for her, “we read in the edition of the Spark newspaper published Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

The article says that it is the suspicious behavior of the thief that aroused suspicion. While she was already out the elements of the ministry security took her back into the church. The Apostle John Chi, learning the incident, even interrupted the worship. He called the baby’s mother saddened in his office and asked her some questions. It’s then that the thief was driven and relieved of the object of her crime. “While he was trying to have as much detail as possible regarding the baby incident, some guards came with Melanie carrying a baby that she claimed to be hers. The baby’s mother quickly recognized her child and continued to glorify the Lord for this miracle.

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