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Cameroon – Littoral: Woman pays 5 million CFA F to “hitmen” to kill her husband…and they succeeded!

Written by Deckson N.

The body of Boh Aguibis was discovered at dawn on August 10, 2016 at Missole II. His wife is thought to have hired men to kill him. The S.D.O of the Sanaga-Maritime was obliged to intervene.

The body of Boh Aguibis was found hanging from a tree at dawn on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 in a bushy area at Missole, a town between Douala and Edea in the Littoral Region. Members of the family of the dead man were quick to accuse his wife of killing him. Shortly after the gruesome discovery, there was a violent confrontation between the family members of the deceased and those of the family of his wife. This saw the intervention of S.D.O of the Sanaga-Maritime, Fritz Dikosso Seme.

The head of land went to the scene of the quarrel with his top aides and was able to restore calm. The doctor who was part of the delegation explained that the businessman aged 47 had not committed suicide and that he was probably killed in the night. Perhaps the same people who had an attempt on his life two weeks earlier.

Officers from the Central Police of Edea investigating the case report that the wife of the deceased handed over 5 million CFA Francs to the assassins to finish with her husband. Though they captured him, they were unable to kill him. He had complained and one of the criminals was arrested. The wife then ran away with other killers she had recruited. The police caught her on Tuesday afternoon. The remains of Boh Aguibis was deposited at the morgue of the Edea regional hospital. The investigation initiated by the central police station in the town of Edea will soon deliver other secrets.

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