Cameroon – Amadou Vamoulke: His fellow Yagoua brothers not happy at all with his incarceration demand his immediate release!

Written by Deckson N.

In a correspondence signed by its President, the fondation internationale Moussey condemns the judicial harassment against the former General manager of CRTV.

Ten days after turning in custody of the former GM of the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), Amadou Vamoulke, the sons and daughters of Yagoua in the far north, are out of their gongs. By the pen of the President of the Moussey International Foundation, Daniel Kalbassou, they see in this imprisonment, “an injustice and a doggedness of some envious of his position in the shadows,” wrote on Wednesday, the Repères newspaper.

According to Daniel Kalbassou, the honesty and sobriety of the former GM of CRTV contradict the accusations against him today.

Indeed, for the president of the foundation, Amadou Vamoulke is the victim of a plan tied by individuals boosted by undisclosed interests. According to Daniel Kalbassou, Vamoulke has succeeded to beat the prognosis of his critics who did not give him two years at the company’s head. However, Amadou Vamoulke finally spent eleven years at the head of CRTV.

Designated as patriotic by the members of the Moussey Foundation, Amadou Vamoulke was conspicuous by his courage and boldness when arrested, said the newspaper. “He decided that he will not flee the country. Yet he had the latitude, as he had been notified of his arrest a few days before. He saw fit to face the test with dignity and humiliation with the firm conviction that he deserves better, “says the president of the Foundation.

With all this, Daniel Kalbassou, on the same lane with the citizens of the Yaogoua town, demands the “immediate” release of the former GM of CRTV, jailed last July 29 at the Nkodengui Central Prison in Yaounde.

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