Cameroon – SDF: 6 militants quit party, because it’s now more like the CPDM!

Written by Deckson N.

According to the Daily Emergence, the resigning militants denounce certain links of their party with the CPDM, the ruling party.

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) is experiencing a significant series of resignations in the electoral district of Bafoussam 1 in the West Region of Cameroon. As the reason for these departures, militants denounce “a curious comparison to the CPDM,” says Emergence of 9 August 2016. The paper said 6 resignation letters were addressed to Ni John Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the SDF, John Tsoumelou, the regional coordinator of the party in the Western Region, and the presidents of electoral districts of Bafoussam 1st and 3rd.

In the list of those resigning from the SDF, we note the presence of Samuel Tchoffo, the first president of the electoral district, also former mayor of the municipality of Batcham. For him, the reasons for leaving the party are clear: “It is for personal reasons, motivated by a dangerous mutation of the ideology of SDF: curiously closed to the CPDM party that has put Cameroon on her the knees, “he says.

This dangerous similarity brings Cameroon back to the one-party where the only master’s voice is heard. It is as if the SDF is playing with aspirations of the people languishing under the ravages of growing impoverishment; and under the effects of corruption erected in public governance standard, “he says.

Others resigned militants also denounced the purchase of consciences. “In the heyday of the SDF, we only had militancy. Today unable to give militants a political culture that could keep them in the ranks of the party, the SDF joined the party in power in the purchase of consciences since she can not afford for this politically. Some activists understood that, if the vote has become a commodity, it is better to sell to the highest bidder who is none other than the CPDM “says André Téné member of the Sessang cell in Bafoussam 3 subdivision.

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