Cameroon – Pirated software: 87% of software used in Cameroon is pirated

Written by Deckson N.

This fraud is partly due to a lack of money to buy a license for which prices are often out of reach.

87% of installed software are pirated in Cameroon.” This declaration is from Jean Paul Tatou, computer engineer at Thales, based on a study conducted by a consortium of large companies. It was last Thursday in Douala during the second edition of the International Scientific Conference of the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany. A meeting held under the theme: “Scientific and technological transfer: innovation strategies.“.

According to the Economie newspaper of Tuesday, August 9, 2016, this high rate of counterfeit software is due to the fact that Cameroonian businesses need software to grow their business, but do not have the means to buy their licenses which are costly. And for example, the license for the current version of Microsoft Word is more than 300 000 FCFA, says a computer technician.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Cameroon is among the countries that do not sufficiently use the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies, the newspaper said. This is what justifies the position of the country on some indicators. Namely: 127th out of 148, with a score of 3/7. This arises because of the lack of appropriate infrastructure. But above all, Cameroon is not yet switched to digital archiving.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to bother the business leaders who reinforce it instead. However, “if the owners of these licenses do nothing, it is because they feel that they are developing countries who pirate. But a day will come when they’ll probably sue the guilty and they shall pay a high price, “warns John Paul Tatou.

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