Cameroon – Chinese laptops: “Real cost” of one laptop known to be 38 000 CFA F, not 150, 000 CFA F

Written by Deckson N.

According to the English newspaper, the actual price of each computer is 38,000 CFA francs. Nothing to do with the 150 000 CFA Francs announced by the Cameroonian authorities.

Are we moving towards a new major financial scandal in Cameroon? This is what one might wonder reading through the Guardian Post edition published August 4, 2016. The main title of the newspaper was “Biya’s 500 000 laptops overbilled“. According to this colleague, each of these computers actually costs 38,000 CFA francs in the factory and not 150,000 as announced by the Government.

The Guardian Post explains that a Cameroonian structure got the “real” price from seven Chinese companies specialized in the manufacture of portable computers. Our colleague reported that, in their view, the most expensive computer – the type ordered by Cameroon – would cost 38,000 CFA francs.

After the decried quality of the computer model – of which some say that it is only a netbook, here comes the controversy over the price. This will not be the least of the difficulties that will experience the gift of the Cameroonian Head of State. Because the amount to pay for computers (75 billion CFA Francs) is considered exorbitant.

Moreover, the fact that this amount resulted from a loan offend those who wanted to see the country break the debt spiral. Others felt it would be better to inject this bonanza in creating computer manufacturing plants on site in Cameroon. Which would, it is believed, enabled the creation of jobs for young people.

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