Cameroon – Army: A soldier jailed for terrorism is promoted to a higher rank while in prison!

Written by Deckson N.

Sergeant Brahim Menoumour was promoted Warrant Officer (WO) meanwhile he is accused of having wanted to commit a terrorist attack.

The revelation is from L’Oeil du Sahel. The paper which is well introduced in security indicates in its edition of August 8 that Sergeant Brahim Menoumour was promoted to Warrant Officer. A normal promotion for a man in uniform, one might say. The problem is that the concerned has been detained since November 2015 in the Garoua prison. He is pursued by the military court on charges related to terrorism.

The last hearing of the case was held in the Garoua military court on 3 August. The biweekly reports that “the audience that day was devoted to the argument of the parties. Following these submissions, the President of the Garoua Military Court, Colonel Kengni, referred the case to September 7, 2016 for the court to pronounce on the guilt or not of Brahim Menoumour “.

The defense lawyer argued that his client is innocent. Barrister Nyamsi thinks that Brahim Menoumour is a hero of the army. The reason, says the newspaper, at the time of his arrest and incarceration in the Garoua prison in November 2015, he carried the rank of sergeant. Better still, he was presented as an army deserter. But on August 3 before the military court, Brahim Menoumour was presented to the court as a warrant officer in the army. To his lawyer, this promotion came as his client was in prison, is simply evidence that the institution salute his bravery and therefore, does not recognize in the charges against him.

Yet according to the Government Commissioner, there is no doubt that the accused planned an attack on Cameroonian territory. “He chose this day and this place (Poumpoumre Mosque, Ed), where thousands of faithful gather for religious ritual sacrifice on Friday,

Proof on it, it was found in the car of Brahim Menoumour at the time of his arrest, “an arsenal of war (explosives, a knife, five bottles of filled gasoline, an offensive grenade … and four USB drives) which leaves no doubt as to his intentions. ” In addition, added the judge, at the home of the latter, 163 hunting and war ammunition were found, two ammunition for AK47 rifle, a lot of fake diplomas, fake stamps and a pair of shoulder pads for sub-lieutenant.

The question now is how can a soldier accused of terrorist act receive a promotion while in prison.

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