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Ghana: Domestic violence, 2,807 men “beaten” by their wives

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The 2015 report on domestic violence in Ghana revealed that 2,807 people have reported cases of violence suffered from their wives. The cases reported last year were lower than those reported in the year 2014.

These figures come from the Support Unit to victims of domestic violence (DOWSU), a special department of the Ghana Police Service which deals with issues based on violence in homes.

Although complaints of domestic violence are situations that overwhelm men who beat their wives, nowadays it appears that some women subject their spouses to treatment bordering on abuse.

With the report on the complaints of men, it is mentioned that 13 465 women reported last year of domestic violence. Clearly women’s complaints are still up sharply compared to men’s.

While the men who seized on the DOWSU allege among other cases of deprivation of sex, food, use of abusive language and assault from their wives, women for their part deplore cases like rape, attempted rape the death threat, bigamy, child abuse.

To help couples better resolve their differences, the DOWSU urged judicial authorities in Ghana to establish appropriate courts but also seek the support of religious chiefs to prevent or resolve cases that are reported.

For the complainants for domestic violence, be they men or women, were urged to give priority to education and maintenance of their children until the age of maturity if they become a burden in their cohabitation or dissolution of their marriage.

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