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Cameroon – East: The Rose Cross is recruiting in Bertoua!

Written by Deckson N.

A conference in the town gave the opportunity to many people to engage in this Order.

The Order of the Rose Cross, vector of wisdom and intelligence,” is the theme of the conference held on July 28 at a hotel in the town of Bertoua. More than 500 people, mostly youths, stormed this framework to hear the message of the speaker. “The world is dominated by ignorance and the Order of the Rose Cross is only there to facilitate access to intelligence and wisdom,” said Daniel Bika Menkili the speaker. “The Order is a philosophical and initiatory association. You can enter and exit when you want without risking anything, “said Daniel Bika Menkili. After a long exchange, many young people seem to have been convinced of the explanations of the lecturer and did not hide their intentions to join the Order.

“There was a lot of mysticism developed by populations around the Rose cross, but with all that I listened, I understand that I risk nothing by joining on the contrary, i have a lot to gain ” said Felix Biwélé.

I learned a lot and I understand that it is an association that raises a lot of Men in knowledge and mastery of humanity. The most interesting is that you risk nothing by acceding to it because you come in and go out without problems, “says a young teacher who requested anonymity.

In the same vein, Marlyse Atouga says enthusiastically: “it is an opportunity to enter this Order by the front door because the speaker was quite explicit and convincing. There is nothing bad and it is better to try the experiment.

In contrast to these people, others remained frozen on their vis-à-vis about the Order they consider a pernicious sect. “They can not tell the truth. They entice you to make you engage yourself in their movement and after when you want to retreat it is too late. Generally you end up losing your lives, ” believes Edmond Effa.

Joseph Toulagni is categorical: “These are adventures not worth the risk.” The last articulation of the conference was the distribution of documents of the Order to recruits and communication addresses and telephone numbers for possible membership.

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