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Nigeria: This Nigerian president would’ve died on a Lebanese prostitute!

Written by Deckson N.

We all remember the story of the French head of state Felix Faure in the late 19th century, who was found dead in the hands of a prostitute. He would have succumbed to the pressure after an ejaculation. Since then elsewhere in Africa, we have had some extra marital adventures of Presidents, but rarely such a special case that led to the death of one of them.

A 1998 an article in “libĂ©” recounts that of former Nigerian President Sani Abacha. The testimony of his death suggested that he died because of an overdose of Viagra when he was in full sexual activity in the bedroom with two Lebanese prostitutes parading in his palace and followed him throughout his travels. The heart of the Nigerian dictator would not have supported the antics a bit too energetic to which he was delivered after taking the “miracle pill“.

Another hypothesis is that he was poisoned by his entourage with a pill of Viagra and in the words of his wife he was killed by his best friends, and the official version advances the thesis of “heart attack“.

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