Cameroon – ENAM: Many heads falling after the dismissal of some students for cheating!

Written by Deckson N.

A vast network of corruption has been dismantled in this training school of administrators and magistrates.

Some days ago, the media revealed the sanctions taken against five students recognized guilty of cheating at the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM). The latter of which is a billionaire’s son were permanently excluded from the school. A decision endorsed by the Minister of Public Service, supervising the training school for senior executives of the Cameroonian administration.

The news which shocked the public opinion, however surprised many observers who felt that this is just a continuation of a recruitment process based on mediocrity, not excellence. Especially regarding the entrance exam in this school and in several other countries, considered prestigious. Only it was without counting on the facts of corruption that have made their bed at ENAM.

Indeed, a vast network of corruption has been dismantled in this school by the supervisors monitoring system set up. “The students had become accustomed to well “fixing” halls before exams, a form of fundraising. The result of this fundraising was for supervisors who in turn let them cheat. Except that this time [during the last exams of 12 to 14 July 2016], things happened otherwise, “said an official of that school in the columns of Mutations of July 28, 2016.

Indeed, teachers have been caught red-handed by a surveillance system on supervisors decided by the administration. According to Mutations, the system of corruption was rooted so much that after catching the students red handed on cheating offense, the documents and the mobile phone used by one of them, were stolen and given back to the offenders. Since the beginning of this case, meetings are multiplying and heads are already falling. Particularly in the service of discipline where three people are bailing various sanctions, the paper said.

This is Joseph Mbarga Ndengue, sacked from his duties of office manager of discipline, replaced by Janvier Doumé. Alphonse Mounok Toutou, Board Member responsible for discipline and Extracurricular activities is no longer also a staff of ENAM. The clerk Maximilian Ngono was returned to the security. They are being accused of corruption. “They are also accused of favoring cheating at ENAM. They are also reprimanded for falsifying call register in order to maintain the hours of absence of their “clients” within six hours. This is to prevent their appearance before the Disciplinary Board for absenteeism “reveals mutations.

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