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Cameroon – Achaley: Controversy around the death of the 30-year old artist!

Written by Deckson N.

Victim of sexual abuse or liver cancer? The controversy swells after the death of the first winner of the singing competition “star 2 demain.

According to some people, Achaley died of liver cancer he suffered from since 3 years. But in a video recently put online yesterday, a young woman posing as the mother of the deceased tells a story rather surprising, accusing some people she did not name for sexual abuse against “her son“. “I am the mother of Achaley” she said before continuing “Achaley was a victim of sexual abuse.” To the lady in the heart totally bruised, sitting at the floor with a handy bible, her son would be the victim of some people in circles who abuse young children and destroy their lives. She openly accused those responsible for this act which unfortunately are not yet known. One would wonder how likely is it that the mother would have learned that her son has been sexually abused. But she clearly says in the video that: “Achaley told me everything you’ve done to him.

However, she promises them that the death of her son will not go unpunished, “I speak to you who have abused my child and put his life in danger (…) I am coming to Cameroon and I promise you it will change. All you do to children, will return to you, “she says in this video where she expresses alternately in English and French languages. She also has several photos of the deceased when he was a child, to attest to the fact that this is her child: “I gave birth to him in Limbe, and he is my only son,” proclaimed the inconsolable lady.

She also reveals that in Cameroon and even in Africa, there are circles in which children are treated like slaves, prostitutes, drug dealers and more. Faced with this predicament, the mother of her only son, invites all parents to watch over their children. She also advises children to immediately report to their parent in case of abuse so that they quickly find a solution. For her, it is not yet late to restore justice to the victims.

The lady who lived outside the country announced her return soon, and other revelations could then follow.

The young singer of 30-year old was the winner of the first edition of the singing competition “star 2 demain 2006“. He died on Wednesday, July 27, 2016, in the early hours of the morning at the central hospital in Limbe. At the announcement of his death several sources indicated that the artist would have suffered for 3 years of liver cancer which eventually took him away. Before being cut down by death, he had completed the implementation of the single “Ebolo” eponymous to his his maxi single. The artist who announced his comeback to the music scene will not have the chance to see the success of his maxi single that speaks of work and hope.


Watch his video below:

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