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Spain – Lionel Messi: See what a fan did just to have a selfie with football superstar!

Written by Deckson N.

Suli, a young Spanish of 24-year who is a fan of la pulga, braved the ocean and swam a distance of one kilometer from the coast to meet with Lionel Messi after seeing the yacht of Star on the sea in Ibiza. His efforts were rewarded as he was invited aboard the yacht for a selfie, had a drink and talk for 20 minutes with his idol, reports the Daily Mail.

Suli from Ceuta (a Spanish city on the northern coast of Morocco) was playing on the shore when he noticed the yacht of Messi from a distance, and he did not hesitate to swim all the way to the yacht with his phone protected in a plastic bag.

Messi was informed of the arrival of the stranger, but he chose to meet Suli and have a conversation with him around a glass of juice.

All that Suli wanted was a picture with the idol, but his cell phone had been wet while swimming towards the yacht and was unusable.

Messi stepped in and asked an employee of the boat to take a picture of them together and that he would send to the man using one of his phones.

As he spoke to me, he was not a global superstar. He was very humble, very welcoming, he and his family were wonderful.

Messi also ensured that the man makes a safe return to shore giving a speedboat to bring him back on the beach.

Coincidentally, Suli saw the rival of Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo at the famous nightclub of Pacha Balearic later in the evening, but was not so lucky.

I could not even shake his hand,” said Suli. “He was surrounded by security and I could not go anywhere near him.

It’s probably a lifetime opportunity that many football fans dream of living and sharing a yacht with Lionel Messi!

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