Cameroon – Ngaoundere: The discomfort of the local population around the municipal slaughterhouse

Written by Deckson N.

The Emergence newspaper reports that the population of the regional capital of Adamawa fear for their health the risks associated with waste water stagnating in neighborhoods.

The municipal slaughterhouse at the Baladji 2 neighborhood in the town of Ngaoundere undermines local residents. The Emergence newspaper of July 18, 2016 reports that accurately, the area reserved for the slaughter of animals “has become a source of trouble for the surrounding population and represents a serious threat to the environment.

With approximately 1,000 heads of cattle slaughtered every day, the said space has become one of the most unhealthy “due to waste being dumped in the open air and in the rivers” that waters the area mentioned above. Note that the 1000 head of cattle slaughtered are approximately the desired daily amount for the supply of the city of Ngaoundere. Oumarou Sanda, one of the service butchers in the slaughterhouse, explained that this situation is the fact of non-compliance with basic rules of hygiene and lack of water drainage in the area.

The surrounding communities sometimes use this water for some household chores like cooking, laundry or indirect consumption via wells and boreholes which are around the slaughterhouse,” said Oumarou Sanda. He also added that “this is an area whose affluence is reaching worrying proportions given the number of people living around the slaughterhouse.”

It must be said that the waste from the slaughterhouse are also a risk to the local environment. “In recent years, in that river close to the slaughterhouse there is a phenomenon known as green tides, otherwise known as eutrophication or pollution of the aquatic ecosystem. These green tides have a direct consequence of destruction of plants that become indirectly nutrient intakes for bacteria which multiply and consume the dissolved oxygen in the water, “said Sidiki Saidou, the Regional Delegate of the Ministry of Environment and the protection of nature for Adamawa.

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