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Cameroon – Magasco: A DJ says Artist’s whole family are not worth $25 000.

Written by Deckson N.

A Cameroonian DJ based in the USA took to his facebook account to indirectly shade Cameroonian artists, by refering to them as poor. Below is what he wrote.

Cost of a collabo with the following US artists;
Nicki Minaj – $250,000
Jay Z – $200,000
Kanye – $100,000
Drake – $75,000
Wizzy – $75,000
Now tell me what exactly a poor 237 artist who can barely get a square meal a day stands to gain from such a venture

This post got many Cameroonians on their nerves as they could not understand why the author would do such a post. A facebook user commented the following:

If his/her music gets the breakthrough he/she becomes an international star which will give him/her more money in the long term. I call that a business risk which may work or not. But that’s what being an entrepreneur means, it means bearing risk almost all the time

To prove that he had all his faculties while making the post, the author replied with the following:

For where Bari?? I have seen enough examples of such collabos that have ended up ruining the new artist’s career financially to conclude that this is a futile expedition.

Another user commented that: It’s because of posts like this that our people will always “sit in the back seat”.

And the Author yet replied again that: I call this sounding a responsible alarm. You’re welcome to have a different opinion madame.

The worst thing is that the author went as far as calling out Magasco and his whole family in a comment that he later deleted.


The author of Wule Bang Bang gave a reply with the following post:

Djeric Lemessi, who is a DJ best known for promoting Cameroonian artists in the US really angered many Magasco fans in this post. He later made an apology-like video on his wall that he later deleted.

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