Cameroon – Innovation: A Cameroonian invents a super regulator

Written by Deckson N.

The device serves to protect all appliances.

Another invention from a Cameroonian. After Arthur Zang and his Cardiopad , Colbert Tchakounte, electrical engineer, has invented the super regulator: the Chak’s TV Guard. “The device is not yet known in Cameroon, but is indicated by its creator as a must have utility,” wrote La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) on newsstands this July 14, 2016.

The device is in fact to protect all appliances (refrigerators, televisions, DVD players, decoders, etc), against electrical surges and lightning effects. “This is a quality solution for households owners who want to protect their capital goods. A 100% patented technology made in Cameroonian that after each rain storm, the inventor who is none other than former TV repairman has seen the number of damaged appliances increase” says LNE.

For the inventor, “during rainstorms, many people see their televisions get bad. Most being off or standby because of the surge conveyed by the coaxial cable that creates additional expenses in the household, “says Colbert Tchakounte. He has already protected his patent to OAPI (African Organization of Intellectual Property).

In addition, adds the newspaper, the device permits “to automatically separate 20cm coaxial cable from the TV set or decoder we learn. Thus, each time the user offs his/her TV or in standby, it returns that the supply voltage of the grid drops below 160 V, the Chak’s TV Guard immediately disconnects all devices connected to the electrical source. Also, even in case of power interruption, it continues to run, giving some time to disconnect everything in the house, then turns into an emergency light with a battery life of 6 hours.

The product is manufactured in China and assembly will be in Cameroon for marketing.

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