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Cameroon – Everywhere we go: A Cameroonian lady sentenced for impersonating a victim

Paris attacks
Written by Deckson N.

The 31-year old woman had everything planned for 10,000 euros compensation.

A Cameroonian of 31-year arrived as a political refugee in France in 2007 had tried to impersonate a victim of the attacks of 13 November 2015, which made 130 deaths in Paris and Saint-Denis. According to Le Figaro newspaper, which reports the information she had everything planned for 10,000 euros compensation.

To achieve her goals, the young woman had created a character at that tragic night in November. “Her presence at the Bataclan near a deceased victim, her escape through a window, injuries, depression … All were the fruits of her imagination and her greed,” one reads. She was sentenced on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 by the Bobigny Criminal Court to six months sentence.

According to Le Figaro, on November 13, 2015, the young woman was hospitalized in a clinic in the Paris region for benign intervention when she become aware of the killings perpetrated in the capital. In the box of the court, the defendant, said a nurse then presented to her side and gave her “the idea.” It’s only three weeks after the attacks that she contacted the fund for victims of terrorism and other offenses (FGTI), to which she claimed to have been injured in the Paris concert hall. She even said she was there with a friend – a man who actually died on the spot she presents as a relative. She also claimed to have escaped through a window.

After collecting a dossier compiling forged medical certificates, fraudulent misrepresentation and false testimony, she claimed 10,000 euros from the FGTI. But the Parisian magistrates, pointing to inconsistencies, seize the prosecutor of Bobigny for verification. Not seeing the payment arrive, the false survivor relaunch not less than seven times the fund, referring in her emails “injuries“, “flashbacks” and “depression“. She even accused the funds of “discrimination“. It was only during her placement in custody on Tuesday, that she admitted having invented everything.

To justify her act, she said facing the judge that she had financial worries: “I had problems, I could not pay the bill at the clinic, there were 144 euros to pay. And then I had unpaid rent problems, I lost my job.

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