Cameroon – Bangante: Who is this “White Queen”?

White Queen
Written by Deckson N.

Her name is perhaps not famous enough to the great Cameroonian public, yet Mrs. Njike despite her white color, proudly wears the colors of the country of the Indomitable Lions.

It’s on June 5, 1943 that the diva was born in the heart of the economic capital. She carried out her primary school and travel the country together with her parents until the age of 13, and that is when she decided with the agreement of her father, the late Etienne Bergeret, to leave Cameroon and go to the lands of her ancestors. A few years after moving to France, Claude Bergeret got married a compatriot with whom she gave birth to two children: Serge and Lawrence.

The encounter with the Cameroonian people

In 1972 when her marriage was in trouble, Bergeret separated from her husband and decided to return to her homeland for a working mission. She came back in 1974 and was the principal of the the Mfetom College in the large western region. The first encounter with the Cameroonian people was in 1978 when she agreed to marry François NjikéPokam, the king of Bangangte. The public discovered a European intellectual in a polygamous home in the company of thirty other wives.

Mrs. Njike quickly won the esteem of local people who nicknamed her the White Queen in reference to her skin color.

Bergeret, an activist for tourism

In terms of tourism, Cameroon has long enjoyed an advertisement from Bergeret. All the major media of the Francophone world have toured the country to meet this lady. Reports, interviews and even television debates were organized to learn more about her; to live her view of the beautiful adventure in Cameroon; and also learn from her. All stakeholders including JumiaTravel, the leading Pan-African hotel booking which is preparing a trip to this side with the national press to rediscover the wealth of the village she is queen for years.

Claude Njiké-Bergeret set up the first so-called industrial bakery specializing in the production of bread from cassava flour, raw material and one of the main tuber in the region. Bergeret is also author of three books published by the Editions Lattès.

July 2016 a memorable month for the Queen

No one is yet able to give the source of the information that went around the web this Monday, July 11, yet the information was actually published. “The White Queen of the West is dead” is the title of the publications that could be read on social networks. Fortunately, the subject had time to call via a local radio station to deny the information.

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