Cameroon – Mbouda: Commissioner who murdered a citizen has been sacked!

Written by Deckson N.

Pierre Mezepo who is now a fugitive was replaced by Jean Didier Mve Olo’o.

Pierre Mezepo is no longer the boss of the Mbouda public security station in the Western Region. The main police officer was replaced yesterday, July 13, 2016, by the Commissioner of Police Jean Didier Mve Olo’o previously in service at the regional division of the Western Judicial Police, in Bafoussam.

La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) on newsstands this July 14 underlines that the sober ceremony service outlet was chaired by Simon Zimbi Mbankwene, Regional Delegate of National Security for the West. A ceremonial service taken without a handing over of service. And because the former occupant of the position is on the run.

Pierre Mezepo is no where to be found since Saturday, July 9. That day, he shot down in cold blood a civilian who was leaving a bar. According to testimony, LNE says, “around 3:00 AM, the main police officer shot at close range the appointed Joseph Talla. The entrepreneur of 34 years, we learn, came out of a bar called ‘Longue Longue‘ at the entrance of the locality called ‘Cinema Mafoka‘, with three friends. Surprised by the man in uniform emptying his bladder on the embankment, he was shouted at about his incivility. This triggered a heated argument. Our sources inform that a disrespectful statement of the victim would have angered the commissioner. And as a response, he was coldly flanked by a bullet to one of his friends, the unfortunate Talla. He collapsed and give up the ghost on the spot. “

This drama created panic throughout the Capital of the Bamboutos division. “The police station was overran by hundreds of angry people, determined to do battle with the executioner of their fellow citizen. Calls for calm by the administrative and judicial authorities of the city did not stop them. Let alone the intervention of the Mobile Intervention Battalion from Bafoussam with the Regional Delegate of the National Security for the West. While the spirits warmed more, elements of the GMI led the body of Joseph Talla, to the S.D.O’s office of Mbouda where a meeting between the authorities and the family of the victim helped to water down the anger of the protesters. It was around 7:00 that Mbouda finally regained its composure, “reports the newspaper.

The alleged murderer is still on the run today. Didier Mve Olo’o inherits a police station that now has a bad reputation. Pierre Mezepo, his predecessor, was appointed Acting Commissioner on September 8, 2015 to replace Pierre Tamo. The later suspended himself “after trying to prevent a meeting of the elites of the Bamboutos division, organized by the Minister Emmanuel Djoumessi Nganou, for lack of public manifestation authorisation” says ESA.

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