Cameroon – Chantal Biya: First Lady won’t return to Cameroon unless…

Written by Deckson N.

Absent from Cameroon for three months, the First Lady sets certain conditions to return home, according to the Épervier newspaper of Thursday, July 14, 2016.

The visit of the President of the Republic to Switzerland to find his family a week after the celebration of 20 May 2016 was not of serenity as before. A 29-day stay, which spilled much ink and saliva until his return. A return without the First Lady of Cameroon.

Indeed, informed sources put Chantal Biya at the center of a number of requirements with regard to her illustrious husband so that she can return to Cameroon, the newspaper said. Indeed, for Chantal Biya it’s urgent and beneficial to infuse new energy around the head of state. It is in this case that a cabinet reshuffle has been evoked, with a list of people to evacuate from Paul Biya and those to replace them.

According to the daily, Chantal Biya would have proposed to the Head of State including the sacking of Martin Belinga Eboutou, Minister Director of the Civil Cabinet of the President of the Republic in favor of Oswald Babouke, his Chief of Staff. But also, the departure of General Ivo Desancio, director of presidential security and entry into force Bernard Messengue Avom to the post of Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic. To this are added other ministerial posts and branches of government corporations. This desire of Chantal Biya would condition her return to Cameroon.

If for some time there is great noise and several speculations around the presidential couple, the fact remains that the First Lady of Cameroon, whose brief appearance on the networks some few days ago, is still out of Cameroonian soil.

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  • Martin Douala

    She is enjoying summer in the northern hemisphere. Too rainy in Yaounde now.

  • mimba

    They should be ashamed for enjoying what others built for their country and taking other peoples country as a safe heaven for them .. her husband has been in power decades and nothing to show for it … sorry for the youths of cameroon because if care is not taking the might be no tomorrow for the youths to lead or depend on .. these people are on their mission to clean cameroon dry .. Lord have mercy on my people !

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