Cameroon – Françoise Mbango: Former Cameroonian wants to help young people in Cameroon

Francoise Mbango
Written by Deckson N.

The two times gold medal at the Olympic Games returned home with projects for young people.

Françoise Mbango Etone returns to Cameroon to help young people. The two times Olympic champion triple jumper who became French in 2008 unveiled her new projects on July 10, 2016. She did it during the TV program “La tribune des sports, “, broadcast on the pan-African channel Vox Africa. The holder of the Olympic record in the triple jump arrived with two projects: Africa Jump, which is part of the Francoise Mbango Foundation and and 1408, inspired by the number of her ID during the Beijing Games. It is a specialized coaching structure and Management based in Canada.

If for the first project the champion says she wants to make golden youths like her, for the second she says she wants to transform the ambitions of everyone into success. Mbango said to want to help young people make what they chose to do. She cites her example and said that winning gold at the Olympics twice, she wanted to show the world that “we can do it.

Françoise Mbango remains discreet about the reasons for her change of nationality. “I had to be stable in my family life, my personal life, in my life as a woman,” she replied to the journalist Philippe Boney. She then referred to the change of nationality, but swears she has never turned her back away from her former country.

If it hurts to know that Françoise Mbango is about to leave, it means that we recognize that we lose something. So today, I say no, Françoise did not leave, she’s still there. You saw wrong. You have millions of Francoise Mbango. But here’s what to do to get them as easily as possible and have many. That’s why I come back with these projects, so I meet all these institutions, these authorities.

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