Cameroon – South: A Man treats Typhoid Fever with a single dose from traditional medicine!

Traditional Medicine
Written by Deckson N.

The treatment was presented at the last edition of the Journées d’excellence scientifique et de l’innovation du Sud.

Gilles Martin Assako, a Cameroonian traditional therapist, was honored in the last event of scientific excellence and innovation in the Southern Region. His reputation was enhanced after he presented the “single dose” typhoid fever treatment. This is a medicinal potion that can only be drank once and it heals the sick.

Mr. Assako was put under the spotlight after treating an official of the Ministry of Public Health. She communicated his address to another colleague who went back satisfied. She swallowed the medicine in a glass of 33 cl and made a vital test several weeks later.

Gilles Martin Assako got his medication from a “mother“. A woman to whom his brother had rendered some service and in recognition, he received the drug. Thus, with his wife Justine, Gilles Martin delivers their patients since 17 years now from the real terror of typhoid fever. “He’s a wonderful man who treats typhoid suffered by many people with just a single dose, with a glass of about 33 cl. And you come back with your vital test redone and and it’s negative, “enthuses Marcel Ella, the director of the Regional Centre of Scientific Research and Innovation (CERI) for the South.

Health authorities have assured that the product is not harmful to humans and that it is actually anti-typhoid. Research on the drug of Gilles Martin Assako should continue and treatment produced in larger quantities.

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