Cameroon – Boko Haram: Terrorists attacked and killed a village chief and his 2 children!

Far North Viallege attacked by Boko haram
Written by Deckson N.

The terrorist group has carried out several attacks in the space of a few days in the of Mayo-Sava and Logone and Chari divisions.

Authorities say Boko Haram is weakened, yet the terrorist group retains some capacity for harm. It proves the last few days in the Mayo-Sava and Logone and Chari divisions in the Far North Region. Boko Haram indeed carried out several attacks in recent hours, as recalled L’Œil du Sahel on newsstands July 11, 2016.

The last incursion was on July 9. It took place at Aldje, in a small village located less than three kilometers from the base of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) to Amchide in the Kolofata subdivision, near the border with Nigeria. According to testimonies of residents, terrorists fired on many huts and killed three people.

According to our colleague, “the attack, which was in all likelihood the appearance of a punitive expedition led to the death of the village chief, Blama Idrissa Adoum and his two children, Ahmed and Idrissa Idrissa Adoum.” In this way, Boko Haram attack in priority populations remained in areas near the border that the army still does not control.

The border villages are not the only targets of Boko Haram as was the case still a few weeks after the defense and security forces of Cameroon successfully operated within Nigeria. So, surprisingly, the terrorists managed to infiltrate to within 10 kilometers of Waza, particularly in the village of Goulouzivini, and 2 dead, including a woman of 45, Kaagana and a young man of 18-year old the of name Adjit. The attack occurred on the night of July 7, 2016, “informs the biweekly.

This is evidence that Boko Haram is far from given up despite the punch operations of the Cameroonian army.

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